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  1. Commercial License - All design assets included in design packs, excluding the “Font Guide” fall under our Commercial License, subject to the terms below:

    • Commercial Use - Commercial License grants you the rights to use the licensed asset in paid or client work

    • Products - Usage in up to 10,000 physical or digital end products for sale

    • Social Media - One business social media account owned and managed by the licensee

    • Physical Media - Unlimited physical advertisements with unlimited impressions

    • Broadcast – Broadcast and streaming for up to 500,000 lifetime viewers

  2. Redistribution – You cannot sell, redistribute, or share any of these assets or copies of these assets for others to use.  You cannot make the images available in a format that allows others to reproduce them

  3. Font Guide – I don’t own any of the fonts in the “Font Guide”.  The “Font Guide” is for font suggestions only.  You must confirm usage rights with the creator of each individual font before using in any personal, professional, or commercial work.


  1. Desktop License - User can download the font(s) on computers to design printed materials (merchandise, flyers, etc.), logos, images, and signage. 

    • Users - One (1) person is permitted to download the font per license.  ​ Users can install the font on as many devices as they need.

  2. Web License - Up to 50,000 monthly unique users, you can host these fonts on your website and use them with @font-face CSS. You can also use the fonts in your dynamic web-advertising and/or email marketing.  Andrey Azizov LLC does not offer a hosting service.

  3. Advertising License - Up to 100,000 monthly impressions - users can use these fonts under a single purchase for their TV commercials or videos intended for paid adverting placements online

  4. App License - Up to 10,000 monthly active users - You can embed the font(s) into your app.  Your app may run on any software platform or operating system

  5. Broadcasting License - For a production budget of $100,000 or less and/or an audience size of 100,000 or less - Users can install these fonts on computers to make non-fiction or entertainment content intended for visual transmission, via television, internet, film or other visual broadcast media, as well as marketing communications including movie trailers or related show or series promotions and other associated marketing, such as pamphlets/brochures, posters, print advertising, outdoor advertising (OOH), web advertising (e.g. web banners), digital screens and billboards (non-interactive), and presentations (e.g. Powerpoint) related to your broadcasting media.

    • Above $100,000 production budget and/or an audience size of 100,000 or more - email for a quote

  6. OEM License - Up to 6,000 devices - You can install and embed these fonts within an operating system that enables your hardware device to run software applications and essential periphery services

Redistribution – You cannot sell, redistribute, or share any of these assets or copies of the fonts for others to use.  

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